Every once in awhile I get to have an extraordinary shoot and today was one of those days ❤️ I had a blast with my little friends Ella and Juliet. 


2017 Kid Capjack Girls 45 copy.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 30 copy.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 31 copy.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 10.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 35 copy.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 02 copy.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 29b.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 27.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 17.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 38.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 39.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 46d.jpg

2017 Kid Capjack Girls 49.jpg

St. Albert Mayor

I was so excited to hear that Cathy Heron won the election in the City of St. Albert. It was an honour to document such an important day. A big Congratulations to Mayor Heron, the new and returning Council Members, and the Senior Leadership Team.

2017 com St. AB City Reps 002.jpg

2017 com St. AB City Reps 009.jpg

2017 com St. AB City Reps 005.jpg

2017 com St. AB City Reps 001.jpg

2017 com St. AB City Reps 007-a.jpg

2017 com St. AB City Reps 008.jpg

2017 com St. AB City Reps 006.jpg

2017 com St. AB City Reps 014.jpg

2017 com St. AB City Reps 011crop.jpg

2017 com St.AB ceremony 12.jpg

2017 com St.AB ceremony 18.jpg

2017 com St.AB ceremony 23.jpg

2017 com St.AB ceremony 68.jpg

Little Red

This is probably my favourite shoot of all time. The cute wolf has been a close friend of mine for over 20 years and was even one of the very first people I photographed 18 years ago with my film camera. Yes FILM!! I’m that old haha

This adorable and creative family goes above and beyond every year for Halloween- It’s their “thing” and I LOVE it!!! How can you top a fun and creative shoot like this?! I should probably retire after this one.

2017 Family Beach 01 copy-1.jpg

This is the story of Little Red, the vicious Wolf and the brave Huntsman. 


2017 Family Beach 22.jpg

Little Red was on her merry way to visit Nana. Nana was waiting for their weekly game of poker where they would gossip about Facebook and drink chai tea. 

2017 Family Beach 50.jpg

Little Red was so excited to show Nana her new cape. Capes were the newest rage at H&M and she had finally got her hands on one.. plus it was on sale at 30% off so she had to share the good news.

2017 Family Beach 06.jpg

Well Little Red needed a new profile photo so she stopped to pose for a local photographer. As she smiled away, the vicious wolf snuck up on her. She giggled at first as the wolf resembled her mother. But then she ran for her life!

2017 Family Beach 45.jpg

As Little Red tried to escape from the wolf, she tripped over a huntsman that was taking a nap. The huntsman heard the girl’s cries and chased after them. He was determined to save her.  

2017 Family Beach 37.jpg

He scooped Little Red out of harms way. And they came up with a plan to take down the wolf.

2017 Family Beach 15.jpg

Together they charged the wolf only to discover that she was just lonely and looking for her family. Her brave husband and Little daughter to be exact. 

2017 Family Beach 21.jpg And this family lived happily ever after. 

Wiwchar Bump

2016 bump Wiwchar 07.jpg

2016 bump Wiwchar 11.jpg

2016 bump Wiwchar 12.jpg

2016 bump Wiwchar 16.jpg

2016 bump Wiwchar 27.jpg

2016 bump Wiwchar 28.jpg

2016 bump Wiwchar 35.jpg

2016 bump Wiwchar 48.jpg

2016 bump Wiwchar 62.jpg

2016 bump Wiwchar 57.jpg

2016 bump Wiwchar 51.jpg

The Keg {Sherwood Park}

Baby Zander <3

2016 baby Zander 01b&w.jpg

2016 baby Zander 12.jpg

2016 baby Zander 14.jpg

2016 baby Zander 41.jpg

2016 baby Zander 25.jpg

2016 baby Zander 32.jpg

2016 baby Zander 03.jpg

2016 baby Zander 36b&w.jpg

2016 baby Zander 16.jpg

2016 baby Zander 46.jpg

2016 baby Zander 27.jpg

Renele & Kevin's Bump

2016 bump Renele 02.jpg

2016 bump Renele 22.jpg

2016 bump Renele 10.jpg

2016 bump Renele 33B&W.jpg

2016 bump Renele 26.jpg

2016 bump Renele 19B&W.jpg

2016 bump Renele 32.jpg

The Williams Family

Happy 1st Birthday Georgia <3

Paige & Liam

Twins!! I absolutely love photographing twins. They love to snuggle each other and the different poses you can get with two is so much fun! 

2014 Bump Amanda 22.jpg

2014 Bump Amanda 29.jpg

2014 Bump Amanda 17.jpg

2014 Bump Amanda 13.jpg

2014 Bump Amanda 24.jpg

2014 Bump Amanda 05.jpg

2014 Bump Amanda 10.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 35.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 37.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 36 copy.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 20.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 10.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 09.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 22.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 38.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 30.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 45.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 02.jpg

2014 baby Paige Liam 01.jpg